Creative Placemaking

For the South Corridor Transportation Study, GNRC is collaborating with the other project partners on a ”creative placemaking“ approach for the analysis and community engagement process.

Creative placemaking is an emerging practice that promotes grassroots creative action to catalyze community and economic development and often involves artists. GNRC and the other project partners are undertaking the creative placemaking approach to:

  • Broaden outreach to and diversify participation of people who are traditionally underserved.
  • Build overall public interest in the transit alternatives analysis process.
  • Put a human face on mobility issues and make them relevant, accessible and engaging to people (”shift the conversation from something that is technical to something that is accessible“).
  • Generate information that can help the design and operation of the transit alternatives that are responsive to community needs.
  • Create a conversation that brings together disparate communities along the corridor, and helps Study team learn how transit can be a positive factor in people‘s lives and in community development.
  • Help manage discussion of controversial issues.
  • Build a broader constituency for enhanced mobility options.
  • Result in a physical output, including permanent documentation.
  • Add to the understanding of the value of creative placemaking to transportation planning.
  • Strengthen regional artist capacity so there are more artists qualified to play this envisioned role.
  • Strengthen GNRC creative placemaking capacity.